An Environment Built For You to ‘Raise Your Game’ and achieve your goals.

So what is available to me?

The main gym floor, free weights area, stretch studio, spin studio, studio one, hiit studio, resistance area, cardio and changing rooms, showers and toilets.


One of our newest and most popular areas is our HiiT studio set on a mezzanine over looking the gym floor. Here you will find everything from water bags for boxing, a track for sled exercise (great for building the perfect booty), different height blocks for jumps, squats and step training, light free weights, skipping ropes, punch bags and much more. It really is the perfect intimate area to create a circuit and start raising the bar.

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Underneath the HiiT mezzanine is a well equiped free weights area, with a large range of weights which cater for even the heaviest of weight training abilites. So if you’re a beginner all the way up to a professional weight lifter you will find weights for you.

A spacious lobby area and cafe, brand new changing facilities, showers and lockers.


In the lobby area we serve a selection of protein shakes, coffees, snacks and meal prep. As well as a range of protein powders and coming soon our very own range of clothing. You can also chill out, charge your phone, chat to the team or other members at our coffee and drinks bar area above.

The Main Floor


The main floor area of the gym is where it all happens, here you will find members doing calisthenics, yoga, weight training, squats, rope climbs, sit ups, yoga and everything in between. The energy is high, the atmosphere is electric and the music is pumping. It’s the pride of our owners and our members too.

So Fresh, So Clean

Shower in the comfort of our newly refurbished changing areas.

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Stretch, Yoga + Fitness Studios

The home of many of our classes on our timetable is our range of studios where we do everything from Yoga to Spin, Pilates to HiiT and Foam Rolling.


From running machines to rowing machines, step climbers and more we have a wide selection of cardio equipment available on the mezzanine and main gym floor. So whether you’re training for a marathon, using it to warm up or trying to benefit from the wide variety of mental health benefits that cardio vascular exercise is proven to deliver we have something to offer.

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